Those wanting to keep a well balanced diet, do not get around drinking milk every day. But there are also a lot of other refreshing products from NÖM.

Fru Fru

Boring or fru fru? It´s up to you. Boredom doesn't stand any chance when the most popular Austrian fruit yoghurt is around. Whether fru fru, fru fru like it used to be or Limited Editions – the following applies: savour it simply either stirred, shaken or layer by layer.

Nöm fasten

You would like to cut down on calories but not lose the taste? Quite simple with fasten protein drinks, coffee, fruit yoghurts and a lot more. The product range provides the best recipe that enables you to feel good 365 days a year and to love yourself.


Via a special production procedure in Milk the lactose is split into glucose and galactose. NÖM also takes over the job that cannot be performed by the body of lactose-intolerant people.

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Other NÖM brands

Good Milk

The Good Milk brand offers you a daily milk refreshment to affordable prices.

Original Waldviertler

Waldviertler- The best milk from the region for the region.


The "smart way" for Italians to get their dairy products. A wide choice of high quality products - such as milk, yogurt, fresh cheese and desserts - at affordable prices everyday! Milk is a brand distributed only in Italy.


VIVA is a brand for everyday. The huge variety of delicious dairy products are only available in Italy.