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NÖM’s highly motivated and experienced employees are critical to our and your success. Innovation and development is the driving force behind it. We design and develop products according to our customer’s requirements and turn the product idea into market-ready reality.
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The guarantee of an impressive level of innovation combined with a high degree of flexibility and speed of implementation is directly related to our companies’ technical infrastructure. After all, it is only possible to implement the best ideas with optimum quality at competitive prices if the appropriate technology is available.

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Quality Standards

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The excellent level of product quality is related to a process-oriented quality management. As a manufacturer of high standard milk products, we commit ourselves to the observance of all legal default, as well as to the use of environmentally friendly production methods, especially to a careful handling of resources and emissions. Numerous awards and certificates confirm that NÖM observes the highly regarded quality principles.


A wide product portfolio and a whole range of packaging possibilities offers excellent flexibility and a choice of positioning strategies in the respective market. With the help of an extensive selection of different packaging materials we create innovative packaging solutions for our customer’s needs.

PET Small

A wide choice of packaging possibilities – from 4 x to 12x100/125ml and selected recipes leads us to the European market leader in this segment.


NÖM is one of the leading producers of sweet and fermented dairy drinks in PET-bottles. A wide range of different packaging possibilities meets the customer’s needs.


Three different bottle shapes in high-quality and appealing full body sleeves are available. The flavored milk drinks have a shelf life up to one year.


Cartons are a great possibility to cover customers’ needs for fresh, ESL and UHT dairy products. The lightweight and space saving packages are comfortable to handle and perfect for “to go”.


Plain, set or stirred, yogurt over fruit or mixed with fruits, sweet or sour or with top-cup – NÖM offers a plenty of choices in cups.

Know how and experience

The focus on quality and experience is based on decades of Know-how in the production for refined dairy products. By using selected raw materials, entrepreneurial planning and highly qualified employees, NÖM has developed to one of the leading dairies in Europe.

360° Expertise
NÖM can highly score with its one plant solution in Baden, 20 km south of Vienna. Combining several departments under one roof enables NÖM to guarantee quick responses and fast processes. The 360° Expertise leads NÖM to a competent and long-term business partner for international companies in industry and trade.

Fermented Drinks

NÖM offers tasty yoghurt drinks in various fat levels and flavors! Up to 250 different recipes enable us to be the perfect partner for fermented milk drinks.

Providing a wide range


Due to many years of experience and high class standards NÖM realizes the partner’s concepts starting with the product idea through the packaging up to the product launch. Under consideration of our customers’ demands and needs, we develop tailor-made recipes and processes, which reflect the success of our assortment in the international market.

Flavored milk

NÖM is well known for its high quality flavored milk drinks. We produce UHT and fresh flavored milk drinks in PET bottles, HDPE bottles and cartons.


Chocolate drink

Flavored milkdrink

Functional milkdrink

Coffee drink

Milk and cream

Milk is the daily companion for everybody and we at NÖM force that every yogurt, milk and cream meets the costumer’s expectations due to long experience in this section.

Whole milk UHT

Coffee cream

Organic milk

Sour milk

Sour cream


Cream ESL

Whole milk ESL

Whole milk fresh


Experts in producing plain, set and stirred yoghurt over fruit or with fruit mixed-in, sweet or tart. Customized packaging by choice of size, design, coating, lid and multipacking offers comprehensive flexibility.

Dessert yoghurt

Fruit yoghurt

Functional yoghurt

Greek style yoghurt


Plain yoghurt

Protein yoghurt


Fresh cheese and curd

A brand new plant for cottage cheese and curd offers additional options for the customers in this segment.

Cottage cheese with crumble

Cottage cheese plain 4,2 % fat

Cottage chesse plain

Curd 20 % FDM

Curd 40 % FDM

Skim milk curd

Curd with fruit

Curd with fruit - organic


With our state of the art butter production we are producing larger volumes and greater variety for our customers.

Butter in a foil

Portion butter

Bulk butter

Butter in a cup

Juices and smoothies

Juices and Smoothies are a great way to get a good boost of vitamins and minerals. With a plenty of packaging possibilities we can offer an easy to drink, refreshing and delicious liquid.


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