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09/01/2020 from Stay fresh tips

Even more PROtein Power with nöm PRO

Five creamy-fine nöm PRO fruit yoghurt types now add an extra portion of protein, with no added sugar, low-fat and lactose-free to the nöm PRO range.

The fruity, fresh and at the same time low-calorie protein product range covers around 50% of the daily requirement with 20g protein per cup and is therefore not only the ideal companion for all sports or nutrition-conscious connoisseurs, but also for all diabetics and lactose-intolerant fruit yogurt lovers.

NÖM offers fruity nöm PRO varieties such as the classic strawberry and blueberry but also fruity cherry, sweet mango and fine vanilla can be found in the 180 g cup on the cooling shelf.

* Contains naturally sugar.

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