Your everyday

For everybody who walks
consciously through life.

Today's living style can become very hectic. Finding time for oneself besides having a job, friends and family requires a lot of energy. When nothing else works, there is NÖM. The abundance of ingredients helps you manage everything throughout a stressful day. Apart from that, there is a large portion of taste, creaminess and sweetness so that you can savour our products even more fully.

The milk

Others say "Use the milk".
We rather say "Refine the milk".

In our NÖM factory we produce milk products refined with love. When doing this, we combine selected ingredients and distinguished recipes containing knowledge and know-how gathered for years and years. And you can feel and taste that in every NÖM product.


With the energy drink
coming from the cow and not from the bull.

Over the last years Vienna has developed into a leading metropolis bursting with energy and new possibilities. Those who are open-minded, curious and hungry for new ideas should either visit our city or our website more often. In order to stay fresh, we are planning something with you in the future. You will soon find more news, infos and events.

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