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15/06/2015 from Company news

Stay fresh with waterpower

For the last couple of years NÖM has massively invested into the production site in Baden and today not only is in possession of extremely efficient and state-of-the-art facilities, but also of a sophisticated environmental system.

Thanks to efficient steps, since 2009 about 25 % of water demand has been saved for every liter of milk that is being refined into various products by NÖM. And we can be pretty proud of that. The main attention is being directed to the cleaning processes, which play an integral part for a dairy company and are therefore being optimized on a regular basis.  The savings could be achieved through water saving cleaning elements, as well as the establishment and optimization of cooling systems.  As a result, NÖM uses 35 % less water per liter of milk produced, compared to the average dairy plant in Austria.
NÖM only uses electricity from the company Verbund, which is generated by 100 % hydropower.
Water power is one of the most eco-friendly and reliable energy sources for power generation. It not only emphasizes sustainable management, but also guarantees an autonomous energy supply. It is not without reason that NÖM chose VERBUND as a partner supplying it with electricity generated only with hydropower, the so-called H2Ö-electricity. “Being the lead enterprise in the region we have a role model function which we take very seriously. The sustainable electricity supply from renewable energy is just one approach, but can be found throughout the whole energy concept of the group”, says Mag. Alfred Berger, board member of the NÖM AG about the environment philosophy of the company.

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