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Upcycling competition

Making old new again: Create a new object out of an empty NÖM milk carton and win great prices!


Cream Seduction


The best ice cream is made only with NÖM Milk

When two traditional enterprises meet, you can expect only the best output: the ice cream parlour on Schwedenplatz makes its delicious ice cream from fresh NÖM milk.


NÖM Mix Limited Edition

NÖM Mix Fans are already looking forward to it: year after year a special delicacy is waiting for them: the NÖM mix Limited Edition.


NÖM fasten Women’s run

For the last 10 years Austrian women's runs could not be imagined without NÖM's brand fasten


Fru Fru Limited Edition

Always different, always new - there is no accounting for taste and therefore also fru fru changes. This is why there is also the fru fru Limited Edition.