Drunk up the milk? An empty NÖM milk carton is just the beginning! Together with ARA, we revive empty milk cartons of NÖM in new, creative forms – because we believe that everybody deserves a second chance.


Prove your creativity and show us that you’re worthy of the nöm upcycling King & Queen title of 2017. From 04.09.2017 to 11.11.2017 you have the chance to upload pictures of your most beautiful creations to win attractive prices. If you need some inspiration, just scroll down to find instructions and inspirational projects of last year’s contest.

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Upcyling prices

1. place: nöm bleib frisch single bike & upcycling shopper

Sustainable and stylish on the road - with the nöm bleib frisch single bike. Plus, you’ll get an upcycling shopper for your next shopping trip. upcycling shopper, card wallet & cool bag filled with nöm products

With this package you are ready for shopping. Refreshment for in-between is provided with a delicious selection of nöm products.

3. place: upcycling card wallet & cool bag filled with nöm products

Many fresh nöm products including milk and yoghurt and a practical upcycling card wallet are waiting for you.

Place 1 single bike

Stylish and practical - the nöm upcycling shopper

Have your cards always ready with the nöm upcycling card wallet

Upcycling in cooperation with ara

To support sustainability, seemingly worthless, old objects are revitalized into new stylish and practical objects that you can use in daily life. In cooperation with ARA, NÖM created a contest to motivate humans to give old objects new life.

Check out our upcycling videos to get inspired to start your own project, share with us and win great prices.

Upcycling guides

We show you how you can make old new again easily. At the scissors, set, go!


Whether for the lantern festival or simply as a beautiful light in front of the window: Your NÖM lantern is definitely an eye-catcher!


Bird house

When it’s getting colder outside sparrow & co need a warm house. With this instruction and one empty NÖM milk carton you will become an architect!


Gift wrapper

Whether in preparation for Christmas, birthdays or just because: With a few simple steps you can create a beautiful, handmade gift wrapping!



Forgot your wallet at home? No problem: You’re just a few steps away from your new one out of an empty NÖM milk carton.


Show us how
you are

You want to take part in the competition and you already had a great idea, and created something special out of an empty NÖM milk carton? Then upload a photo of your creation right now, give it a name and maybe you will be one of our lucky winners!


All required fields* have to be filled in. If you send in your upcycling project you agree to the terms of conditions.

Upcycling projects

Here you can see all participants, who already showed us their artistic work. How will your project look like?